Friday, May 25, 2012

Many many dead Dolphins on the coast of Peru. What in the world is happening that so many of them should die? I like to think positively and as much as I read doom and gloom articles, I really would rather not think we are going through a truly devastating time.

I would like to think the world was a healthy place for my children and for everyone's children, for the
animals and all living beings. 

I would like to think the radiation from Fukushima will not have a lasting effect on the oceans and the rest of the environment, that the winds did not carry it here to the west coast to slowly poison us. I hope we don't have increases in cancer due to radiation brought from Japan's great disaster. I am sad for them as they must have a lot of contaminated areas, but that the radiation should have spread far and wide....

Answers...I want answers. I wish I had something to measure radiation and knew how to use it.
I hope they find the cause of all those dolphins dying.

Our economies are in shambles and this will leave no money for governments to look into these things.
It's bad enough that natural disasters can lead to mass die offs, but if technology is to blame, 
really won't make any difference once something is dead, but if we know what caused it then we can hopefully stop it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am still here...this voice in my head, these words in cyber space

Somehow someone got my cc numbers. They ordered two hundred and twenty dollars of
Armani perfume which someone is not going to get because I called paypal and told them.
Then they ordered more than five hundred dollars worth of books from Barnes and Noble.
At least they read. But they will have to read something else as Barnes and Noble had already
cancelled the order because it looked suspicious...before I called them...but not before they
had held funds in my bank account. Now...if  the bank rescinds the overdraft fees they
charged me due to this fraud on my account....all should...hopefully be well? As my cards have
been cancelled and I will get new ones.

I wonder what books they had ordered?

It would be nice to know HOW they got my cc numbers.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

Well, it was challenging. First I had to figure out how to make a blog as I had never created one before. Getting the A to Z badge on my blog was a bit challenging as well. Then thinking of something to write about almost everyday was challenging, but it was good because I managed to create a blog and write one from A to Z.

Thank you to the person who told me about the A to Z challenge and has helped me with instructions on how to improve my site (which I have not finished yet, but I will!)

Thank you to all the bloggers. I enjoyed reading many many of your blogs. Some gave me quite a chuckle which I needed and appreciated. Thank you to those who chose to follow me and I will try
to not walk over a cliff or into an alligator infested swamp and shall try to refrain from too many rants that have been simmering inside my fingertips for quite some time. Wait....maybe I need to get them out. But I do not mean to offend anyone, they are just my expressions on the contradictions I see in life.

On reflection, the challenge was a good thing and it got me to write when I usually only send emails about gnomes to one of my friends. I used to occasionally write poetry when I was younger, maybe it is time to haul those out and try to fix them. But that is my problem, I seldom want to edit or rewrite anything to any great degree as I think that what flows out and spills onto the paper first is the essence of what you wanted to say. I must learn to rewrite and improve.

Thank you for hosting the A to Z Challenge. Good luck to all of you wonderful and talented writers!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I wait the day  manicured flat expanses grow into  wild carpets of white daisies and yellow lions teeth
The day when the carefully cleared fences are trellises for roses and morning glories
When the asphalt cracks and tiny lavender flowers make laugh lines across the face of man's decree
That nature shall serve him and do as he bids for his convenience and pride
The day when there is no more poison or insecticide or pesticide
No GMO's or chemical fertilizers, no round up  ready to taint the soil and it's life
And force it into man's idea of progress that poisons behind its illusion of perfection
The day when natures washes clean and smiles at the laughing world

Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for ...the Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer first caught my youthful attention in an article in Argosy magazine.
The concept of a 'serial killer' was unknown to me, even a 'single time' killer did 
not exist in my child's world. The only killers I knew of were mean and hungry
beasts who occasionally got into the hen house and killed one of my friends.
Movies of that time were not obsessed with violence. Westerns and Vincent
Price movies had horror, but they did not have gore. My first introduction to 
gore was Hitchcock's "The Birds", which really scared me, as no movie
had done before, and it has only one gory scene.

Then came the Zodiac. A killer cloaked in a black hood ( thankfully far away) 
who sometimes used a gun, sometimes a sword, who sometimes killed at night,
and sometimes killed in the warm light of day.


He killed most of his victims for no discernible reason other than to make the 
 police seem inferior. He may have known his first victims, but many were strangers
 he chose for his game. A game of clues and ciphers contained in letters written to 
local papers. He wanted attention, indeed he was angry if they did not print
his story on the front page. He wanted to taunt law enforcement because
they had not caught him. Even as his killing ended (as far as we know) in 
1969, he continued to send letters to newspapers, leaving more cryptic
clues...or perhaps they were deliberate leads that would lead nowhere?

They never did catch him, although there have been potential suspects
identified and investigated through the years. If he is still alive, he must
be an old man. Perhaps he is dead, otherwise he probably could
not resist responding to the books and movies about him.
He would bask in the attention.