Friday, May 4, 2012

I wait the day  manicured flat expanses grow into  wild carpets of white daisies and yellow lions teeth
The day when the carefully cleared fences are trellises for roses and morning glories
When the asphalt cracks and tiny lavender flowers make laugh lines across the face of man's decree
That nature shall serve him and do as he bids for his convenience and pride
The day when there is no more poison or insecticide or pesticide
No GMO's or chemical fertilizers, no round up  ready to taint the soil and it's life
And force it into man's idea of progress that poisons behind its illusion of perfection
The day when natures washes clean and smiles at the laughing world


  1. Yeah, I'm against pesticides and all those chemicals that leach into the water or affect the environment. But when I was a kid we did have a very nice big lawn and we never put anything on it. We just mowed it.....and we had one of those 4 pronged things to pull up any Dandelions...but in general, our garden and lawn were chemical free. One time my Dad did poison some blackberries but then he tasted the DDT in our well water and so he did not do that again. Later on we got a goat. Pretty lawns are nice when I don't think of the bad things that might of made them so immaculate!

  2. PS, I had just read Allen Ginsberg's Howl before I wrote that so I wanted to vent