Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am still here...this voice in my head, these words in cyber space

Somehow someone got my cc numbers. They ordered two hundred and twenty dollars of
Armani perfume which someone is not going to get because I called paypal and told them.
Then they ordered more than five hundred dollars worth of books from Barnes and Noble.
At least they read. But they will have to read something else as Barnes and Noble had already
cancelled the order because it looked suspicious...before I called them...but not before they
had held funds in my bank account. Now...if  the bank rescinds the overdraft fees they
charged me due to this fraud on my account....all should...hopefully be well? As my cards have
been cancelled and I will get new ones.

I wonder what books they had ordered?

It would be nice to know HOW they got my cc numbers.


  1. I've heard that the bad guys now have sophisticated card readers that can access your card info even when they are in your wallet inside your purse.

  2. Oh wow, sorry to hear your troubles. We were scammed in a petrol station - small(er) amounts went out of the account so it wasn't flagged up until we were checking our statements. We have to be vigilante these days.

  3. Oh, no! Dang, I am so sorry. The bank is supposed to cover fraud on personal accounts, but not always on business ones. What a mess. Somebody sent my hubby an order of Rogaine that was supposed to renew every couple of months (Rogaine said the card said his name and so did the mailing address.) Right after that, we began getting a bunch of mail for somebody else ... I called and told the post office because I didn't want somebody putting in a change of address and taking all of our mail too. There certainly are bad people out there! You are very quiet on your blog too about ID stuff ... so sorry. Sometimes it is eve the staff at restaurants who get your cc number and do a lot of damage. You just never know; an opportunity for somebody can really mess the victim up. Hope you get it all figured out.

  4. Oh, how awful! I hope that's the last of it and they reverse those fees. How scary.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, road tripping through the #atozchallenge participants!

  5. Barnes and Noble released my funds, got the funds back from the paypal perfume heist, and the bank took off my overdraft fees. So all is good so far, although I do not know how they got my numbers. Plus I don't like the clerk at the bank saying 'they couldn't refund the fees' again. Wellllll...if it happens again, YES, they should refund them again. They are not doing me a favor by reversing the fees, they are correcting the theft of my funds by a third party who is trying to steal from me. the bank is supposed to safeguard my money, and although it isn't their fault, it isn't my fault either, and if there are more fraudulent charges on my account that cause my account to be overdrawn, yes...they should reverse those charges again once everything is sorted out.There were some date/ID thefts recently from some big company...a credit card company or something, I don't recall the name, but maybe my information got stolen there as I might have previously had one of their credit cards and I would have paid my bill with my debit card. Or....just wish I knew how they got my numbers. Now I will have new numbers and I don't want those to get stolen. Thanks for the kind comments.