Friday, May 25, 2012

Many many dead Dolphins on the coast of Peru. What in the world is happening that so many of them should die? I like to think positively and as much as I read doom and gloom articles, I really would rather not think we are going through a truly devastating time.

I would like to think the world was a healthy place for my children and for everyone's children, for the
animals and all living beings. 

I would like to think the radiation from Fukushima will not have a lasting effect on the oceans and the rest of the environment, that the winds did not carry it here to the west coast to slowly poison us. I hope we don't have increases in cancer due to radiation brought from Japan's great disaster. I am sad for them as they must have a lot of contaminated areas, but that the radiation should have spread far and wide....

Answers...I want answers. I wish I had something to measure radiation and knew how to use it.
I hope they find the cause of all those dolphins dying.

Our economies are in shambles and this will leave no money for governments to look into these things.
It's bad enough that natural disasters can lead to mass die offs, but if technology is to blame, 
really won't make any difference once something is dead, but if we know what caused it then we can hopefully stop it.


  1. When I stopped watching the news and reading the newspapers, I found my mood getting much better. I only read online news when I feel like it. I may be uninformed but I'm a lot happier that way.

  2. It is very scary. I hadn't heard anything about the dolphins until just now, and we watch the news, but not as much as we used to. They just tell us what they want to anyway; so much happens that goes unreported.

    We will be getting lots of damage and litter from the Japan earthquake on the west coast, and I hadn't even considered the radiation fall-out. I don't have anything cheery to say, but I share your worries, my friend.

    Kathy M.

  3. It's all very scary, isn't it? I just visited Oregon and saw the pier that washed up on the shore. People were letting their kids run barefoot on top of the pier. Insane.

    Where have you gone? You posted such interesting posts during the A-to-Z. I hope you come back some day.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

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