Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for...Chickens. All of that mass multitude of feathered souls. Yes, souls. Look in a chickens eye, or any birds eye, there is SOMEONE IN THERE. They tend to recognize others by eye contact. They may not have lips or hands, but they speak with a multitude of sounds and use their beak or feet to accomplish what is needed. If you get on the wrong side of a chicken (most likely a rooster protecting his hens), he will recognize you and you should make a wide circle around him, especially if it is spring or summer and his protective instincts are high. Most roosters are friendly, though, just don't get in a crowing competition with them, as they may start to suspect you might be another rooster in disguise. Listen to their sounds. They have different sounds for happiness, fear, anger, and complaint. They are very vocal. Inside those feathers is an emotional being, not an egg factory. Chickens come in all shapes and sizes, some with interesting 'hairdos', some with 'beards', some with 'ear muffs', and some with feathers on their scaly legs. At the turn of the 19th century, there were many poultry exhibitions. More than a hundred years later, poultry are coming back in popularity as pets as well as layers of eggs. Next time you see a chicken, look them in the eye and you will find that they look back.


  1. For years my sister has had to deal with feral chickens which poop everywhere and roosters that crow outside her window at 3 AM. I must say the rooster roaming her yard is a beautiful bird...

  2. Where does she live that the local predators don't get them? Sadly, racoons and dogs seem to be very fond of chickens.Sorry they are a bother to her. They are lovely pets but who wants them pooping on your porch? Or waking you up too early? Maybe she can get someone to come and pluck them off their night time roost and bring them somewhere they won't bother anyone?