Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for...Uppsala Castle

The construction of Uppsala Castle was started in 1549 by Gustav Vasa.
When Gustav Vasa died, his  son Erik  became King of Sweden. At the time
of receiving the news of his father's death, Erik was on his way to England
to woo Queen Elizabeth I. The history of Europe might have been different
if he had continued on to England and she had accepted Erik.  

Probably for the best as Erik was not mentally stable.
He suffered from fear of  the nobles or others who might
lay claim to his throne. His fears led to accusations, mistreatment's, and 
unfounded imprisoning. In 1567 the King killed a young member
of the Sture family in a cell in Uppsala castle. Then the King ordered
other members of this family to be killed.

Erik's derangement continued for a time and others ruled
in his place.  Eventually he was deposed in 1569 and imprisoned.
There were various uprisings and Erik's place of imprisonment
was changed at various times. Sentenced to death, the sentence
 was never (officially at least) carried out as Erik died in his
 prison cell in 1577, probably as a result of poisoning.

A beautiful castle but the scene of murder and madness.



  1. Castles are wonderful places filled with mystery and folklore. Interesting post. Visiting from the A-Z challenge, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Unfortunately you have no email address listed, profile description or way for me to follow your blog. Wondering therefor if you are just blogging during the duration of the A-Z challenge. Anyways, it was nice to meet you "Soggy in the corner"

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