Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friday! Not MY Friday as in the day before two days off, but Friday nonetheless. Good Friday at that. A very Christian day. But when the early Christian forefather's were busy replacing all 'pagan' holidays with Christian ones, for some reason they seem to have left the days of the week alone. Did the people protest? "Come on, you're changing the name of our feast days, at least leave the names of the days themselves alone! For crying out loud, all this religious correctness!" Friday is named after the Scandinavian chief god's(yes, a pagan god) wife, Frigg. Or, alternatively, after the Scandinavian love goddess Freyja. As Friday in the latin countries is associated and named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, it seems the western European countries also wanted to name that day after a goddess of love, but perhaps because they had been infiltrated by the Northmen and they didn't want to be like the Romans, they chose to use the Scandinavian version of the love goddess. Frigg...wife of Odin...blessed with the gift of prophecy but since she is mum about her foresight, how does anyone know if she really has the gift of prophecy or not? Does she just say to Odin "I knew that would happen, I just didn't tell you". One of her qualities is said to be the ability to get her own way, even as she lets her husband think he is in charge. Frigg (or Frigga) is the only one who is allowed to sit on Odin's high throne and look out over the universe, or perhaps it is the other way around? She lets Odin sit upon her throne and lets him think it is his? Anyway, Thank God it is Frigg's Day!

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  1. Great choices for your posts. I saw that you lost a parent in an April. I'm so sorry. All of our parents, too, are gone. No matter how old we are, it hard to loose a parent, but we do, go on and now, we're the older generation.
    Happy to meet you.
    Thanks for popping by my blog.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images