Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O is for Ogopogo

Ogopogo is a monster of the Nessie variety believed to exist in Lake Okanagan  in 
British Columbia. Sightings go back to at least 1872, making Ogopogo a monster
purported to exist before Nessie gained notoriety. There have been sightings by groups
of people, such as one in 1926 when the occupants of about 30 cars saw the
monster in the lake. In the year 2000, a marathon swimmer had the disconcerting
experience of having two creatures over twenty feet long join him for a short time
during his swim!


Lake Okanagan is a deep lake which drains to the south, it's waters
becoming the Okanagan River which continues on through Lake
Osoyoos (said to also be the abode of a monster) and on through the
American side (where the spelling changes to Okanogan) and down
to where it flows into the great Columbia River.

The Indians believed Ogopogo to not be sweet tempered. When they
crossed the lake, they were said to have brought along a small animal.
This poor animal was put overboard in the middle of the lake to appease
the lake monster.


The descriptions of Ogopogo are somewhat different than those of Nessie, as
Ogopogo is often described as having a more slender, snake like shape.
Sightings of the monster have been numerous over the years, with
hunting guides, priests and sea captains having described the unknown
beast in the lake.

Ogopogo has a stamp with it's image. Wonder if Nessie or Champ have one?